Gayle Kline RV Center, Mountville, PA

From our home on Long Island, NY, we located a used hybrid trailer at this

facility….a four hour drive away. Finding it mid-winter, we put down a deposit and waited for an opportunity to pick it up about two months later.

Because of the distance, we wanted to be assured that there where no leaks or water damage. It was a weekly question for the two months leading up to the pickup. Jerry Barger did assure us, weekly, that no leaks or damage existed. And, weekly, Mr. Barger assured us that, with 50 years as an RV retailer, we could trust their assessment. He also assured us that they do not walk away from the customer after the sale. Feeling comfortable, we drove the four hours to pick it up.

At the pickup, a quick look at the front bed was fine to our inexperienced eyes, especially with the mattress in place. It would be hard for inexperienced eyes to catch that the vinyl veneer under the mattress was very slightly bubbling. It was several weeks later, when spring weather allowed us to open it, that we found that the bottom 7" of the entire length of the plywood bed was warped and rotting from water damage under the vinyl veneer. Damage that took far more than a couple of months to get as extensive as it was.

Two months of assurances….plenty enough time to get it right,…..and they got it wrong. Well…..that's one possibility.

Their response to our polite email was short, sweet and essentially said only " You bought it as is." Yes, we did. But it was quite a change in their customer relations policy.

We knew that hybrid leaks can occur, hence the weekly questioning for 2 months.

We also understand and accept the "as is, no warranty" that goes with a used rv deal, but the bubbling would be too obvious to a dealer with 50 years experience to miss. With all the assurances he gave while asking us to trust them, Mr. Barger should have checked the trailer thoroughly. In this case, because of their response, I group an "honest" oversight with incompetence.

So….it's either deception or incompetence. They either knew it or missed it. They haven't responded to our second email to tell us which it is.

Holding to an "as is" contract is one thing. Holding onto it despite obvious deception or just plain incompetence is ethically poor business. Fessing up, making some amends and building a good reputation is better business.

I would not suggest patronizing or trusting Gayle Kline RV, especially Mr. Jerry Bargar.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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